Where to Invest Your Technology Budget

By Andy Wigderson, President Technology may be one of the greatest growth accelerators for a staffing business. In today’s increasingly digital world, there are literally hundreds of options available. In an incredibly challenging labor market with so many employers competing for talent, technology that delivers a game-changing candidate experience might be a smart choice. To […]

Top 10 Benefits Of Adding Video Interviews To Your Recruitment Process

video interviews from TargetRecruit

Video interviews make the entire hiring process easier, quicker, and more convenient for recruiters and candidates alike. It doesn’t matter where you or your candidates are or when your schedules align, with video interviewing, interviews can happen anytime, anywhere. Not only this, Video Interviewing extends numerous other benefits, making it popular among businesses of all […]

Change The Way You Recruit With Salesforce Lightning By TargetRecruit

Recruit with salesorce by TargetRecruit

This is a big month for TargetRecruit. We are launching Lightning, a brand new user interface making your software interactions faster, dynamic, and much easier to use. Built by Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM platform, the Lightning UI dramatically changes the way you sell and recruit with Salesforce, by accelerating customer relationships with innovative features and […]


Healthcare staffing artificial intelligence

A recent report by Staffing Industry Analysts on AI and robotics indicated that 47% of the total US employment was at high risk of computerization within next 10-20 years. Most of the industries are not ready to embrace Artificial Intelligence, yet they have no option but to prepare for its arrival. Fortunately for the healthcare staffing industry, […]

TargetRecruit is now available in Salesforce Lightning

Infographic Salesforce Lightning

Lightning ushers in a new era for existing Salesforce users, and those waiting for a compelling reason to join a rapidly growing user base. Salesforce reports employees will save up to 10 hours a week using Lighting, and customizations take 25% less time. With TargetRecruit and Lightning, your recruiting software will get a more modern […]


healthcare staffing

Last month, we wrote a blog on “Trends that will shape the Staffing Industry in 2018” talking about the paradigm shift that the industry is going through. In this blog, we will be talking extensively about trends within Healthcare Staffing, which is one of the promising High Growth Sectors of the Staffing Industry. The US and its […]

Tackling the problems of Healthcare Staffing for hospitals

staffing for hospitals

Healthcare staffing for hospitals remains a problem. 31% of the hospitals cannot find enough candidates to fill open positions. Only slightly more than 25 percent of leadership positions are being filled within three months. Medium and large hospitals spend $10,000- $30,000 to hire leadership positions. Know more and how to tackle these problems in this […]


staffing industry growing sectors

2017 was melange of varied events that have the potential to change the game of many sectors. Unexpected Brexit , new policies by Donald Trump, GDPR compliance regulation were some of the events that impacted businesses globally. Staffing industry is not barred from all this, but yet there are sectors which stand as stealth and […]

Growing Importance of Social Media for Staffing Companies

social media for staffing

92% of recruiters use Social Media and 56% of recruiters find some of their best candidates through social networks. Importance of social media for staffing companies is rising with each day. Check out this infographic. (Also read our blog on Trends that will shape the Staffing Industry in 2018)


Alexa TargetRecruit

In June 2014, Eugene was the first program to pass the Turing Test,  a test of machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human. This was just done with advanced computing and no AI was needed. The same way, we would just need some smart software to improve recruiting rather than advanced […]