In a world where we all expect to be able to access information on demand, candidates and clients will expect to be able to view the status of their applications and vacancies at any time and from any device. 

Candidates will want to be able to register and apply for jobs from their portable devices, view the status of previous applications and log time without having to contact a consultant.  This also frees up admin time for your teams if candidates can register and update information themselves in real time.  Clients may want to submit vacancies, view shortlists, and approve time whenever and wherever they may be. 

All of this is possible via our suite of portals which offer the following features:

Client Portal software

A range of Portals

Candidate Portal

Empower candidates to search for jobs and much more. Candidates use this portal to not just search and apply to jobs, but also fill out compliance and employment documents. All this information funnels to one place – your TargetRecruit instance.

Candidate Portal Software

Client Portal

The Client/Hiring Manager Portal is a tool used by your clients looking to source candidates for their open positions. Through the portal, your clients can create a new job that will automatically create a job record within TargetRecruit under the client’s account.  Your client can also view a list of candidates submitted by you, change and request status updates (e.g: interviewing), approve candidates, request more information about candidates, and search for more candidates.  It’s all fast and smooth.

Client Portal
Timesheet Portal Software

Timesheet Portal

Now a simple way to connect contractors to your clients hiring manager. The timesheet portal allows contractors to record work hours and expenses, and allows the client hiring manager to accept and pay or reject requests as necessary. All timesheet actions take place right in the portal, speeding the process and getting everyone paid on time.

Timesheet Approval Portal

Approve and reject timesheets, including submitted expenses, quickly and easily with our Timesheet Approval Portal.

Timesheet Approval Portal
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