Middle Office

No more manual effort and no more human error. With our middle office service’s comprehensive functionality to manage timesheets, billing, payroll and accounting, there will be no more duplication, backtracking or rework. Just a lot more time with your customers and candidates.  Furthermore, your cashflow will improve with a reduced billing cycle.

We deliver streamlined back-end processes that free you up to spend more time doing what you do best. 


Timesheets allow contractors to record their work hours. A Timesheet is always tagged to a Project and together they allow you to calculate profits/losses, overtime, rates and more using reports and dashboards in TargetRecruit.

Worksite Management

A project can be associated with multiple worksites to capture information on a candidate who is working on the same project in the same role but in multiple locations. It is configurable and allows further granularity for recording time, timesheet approval, and invoicing.


TargetRecruit will take your approved timesheets that have not been processed and create a file that can be imported into your payroll provider. We can also offer this integration real-time.  Files can be created in any format for integration with third party GL or payroll solutions via export or data exchange. Hours worked can also be imported from time and attendance solutions and processed in the same way as other methods.  Contractors can also log hours against non-payable tasks. The hours entered against non-payable tasks will not be processed by payroll.

invoicing software for recruitment

Bill Using Invoice Automation

Middle office service invoicing software for recruitment is a powerful tool that allows you to automatically create and send invoices, improving your cashflow and reducing accounts receivables.  You can configure invoice frequency as well as invoice generation types. You can select who is to receive invoices as well as how to manage bounced emails. You can also attach timesheets, receipts and expenses to reduce queries and disputes. And of course, you can create your own custom invoice templates with complete flexibility to match your clients’ preferred invoice format.

Purchase Order Tracking

The TargetRecruit Purchase Order Tracking tool allows recruitment companies to track time and expenses that are billed against purchase orders they have received. You can set the budget type to be financial or hours. You can then enter the purchase order amount or budget. You can easily track bill amount, pending bill, on-hold bill and the available budget. You then have the option to transfer the timesheets from the On Hold amount to a new project.

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