Management Team

Jonathan Ross


Jonathan is the CEO of TargetRecruit.  Jonathan joined TargetRecruit in 2018, bringing his vast knowledge of enterprise software and extensive experience successfully growing technology companies.  He has spent his entire career in technology, working in everything from sales to operations. His main area of focus is product development, IT, finance and strategy.

Andy Wigderson


Andy is the President of TargetRecruit and joined the company in 2018.  He is a B2B marketing, sales and product management executive with over 20 years of enterprise SaaS experience.  His primary focus is in product strategy, marketing and sales with extensive experience in services including customer success, education and implementation.

Reena Gupta

Chief Strategy Officer

Reena is CSO and founder of TargetRecruit.  Started in 2008, Reena’s vision was to build an integrated platform for CRM and ATS. TargetRecruit was one of the first 10 companies to be incubated by Salesforce and has become the industry standard for Applicant Tracking Systems built on the Salesforce platform.

Megan Johnston

Director of Professional Services

Megan is responsible for managing customer success, implementation, support and project management.  She is an experienced business analyst and was a former customer before joining the TargetRecruit team in 2017.

Kumudh NK

Director of Sales

Kumudh is TargetRecruit’s Director of Sales. She is an international sales executive with a successful track record of growing revenues through rigorous project management, high performance team building and strategic planning.

Mikhail Ivanov

Chief Technical Director

Mikhail is TargetRecruit’s Technical Director. He has a strong background in leading technology initiatives for a variety of international companies. Starting out as a C++ Developer for Inspire Systems, he went onto a role as a Senior Software Developer for Intetics before starting his own business, ITasABC, a and solution provider developing apps for companies all over the world.

Riddhy Mehta

Director of Marketing

Riddhy manages all marketing activities at TargetRecruit. She comes from a diverse background across marketing, analytics, sales and client management. She has worked in global organization like Cargill Foods and Carrefour, and is a specialist in data-driven marketing, communication and demand generation.