Health Care ATS

The requirements of the healthcare sector often add an additional layer of detail and rigour to the standard recruitment process.  Candidates must be screened more carefully to ensure that their credentials are valid and current, and the fulfilment of bookings is often more complex and urgent than other sectors.

Over the past 10 years, TargetRecruit have developed and enhanced a variant of our standard staffing solution to meet the exacting needs of healthcare recruiters, with a sophisticated tool incorporating their very specific requirements as standard yet maintaining our unique ability for bespoke configuration for an even better fit.

Specifically, our healthcare product incorporates the following additional features:

Fully customizable and part of an ecosystem of integrated apps

Compliance Management

Your reputation depends on trust; knowing that the candidates you place have the qualifications, accreditations and certifications they need to work effectively and safely.  But acquiring this information can be a slow, expensive and laborious process.  We provide the tools to gather this information digitally from the candidate and external sources seamlessly and rapidly, reducing the time and cost overhead of your onboarding process.  We provide:

Deal Sheets with Pay Packages

Deal Sheets

When working with healthcare providers and professionals, calculation of rates can be complex, but accuracy is essential.   Recruiters need to be able to dynamically confirm rates for both candidates and clients on the fly while adhering to contractual rates and maintaining margins.

Our Deal Sheets fulfils this exact requirement, allowing consultants to easily perform the complex mathematical calculations needed to determine rates and margins in real time:

Middle Office

To manage your business, and for your staff to manage relationships with clients and candidates, it is essential to have a single source of truth for the metrics you need, and also immediate access to the information you need to answer queries promptly and accurately.

Many recruitment ATS solutions cover only the front office features needed to source and place candidates, with placement data flowing into a separate time capture and/or back-office solution.  This can be inefficient due to the delays arising from periodic batch updates, and often places restrictions on the data that consultants need in order to be able to answer payment and billing questions from candidates and clients.  Often these enquiries have to be channelled via the accounting team, who may not have the same customer service skills that you value in your consultants!

With TargetRecruit, all middle-office functionality and features are embedded within the application, so consultants have access to view time capture and billing information against the respective candidate and client records.  We can offer:

Shift Booking / Fulfilment

Healthcare bookings typically entail far more complexity and immediacy than regular commercial short-term placements.  There may be multiple shifts per day, 24-hour working, recurring patterns, mandatory breaks and many other considerations.  Furthermore, bookings need to be filled in order of immediacy, often at very short notice, and with the most suitable and available candidate.  Recruiters also need to know that the candidates selected are fully compliant for the position.

A standard recruitment package will not meet these needs, but our healthcare-specific solution has everything you need to support these requirements, and much more:

Job Board Posting

To beat your competition to that placement you need to be able to get the details of new vacancies published to your own website and preferred job boards effortlessly and quickly.  Using an embedded integration with Idibu, a next-gen candidate attraction tool, TargetRecruit users can post jobs instantly without leaving their main application.  We can offer:

Job Board Searching

With many ATS/CRM solutions, functions such as job board searching require use of separate third-party solutions external to your main application, which is inconvenient and can be time-consuming to administer, as well as incurring additional costs per user.  At TargetRecruit we have integrated the world’s leading job board searching tool into our product, so your consultants will not have to leave our application, and searches are fully automated, saving time and money.  We can offer:


In a world where we all expect to be able to access information on demand, candidates and clients will expect to be able to view the status of their applications and vacancies at any time and from any device.  Candidates will want to be able to register and apply for jobs from their portable devices, view the status of previous applications and log time without having to contact a consultant.  This also frees up admin time for your teams if candidates can register and update information themselves in real time.  Clients may want to submit vacancies, view shortlists, and approve time whenever and wherever they may be.  All of this is possible via our suite of portals which offer the following features:


Reporting and Dashboards

Access to accurate and timely management information is essential for managers at all levels to run your business successfully.  With many CRMs, the reporting/BI functionality is an expensive add-on that may also require extensive training and/or programming skills in order to deliver the full potential.  TargetRecruit uses the incredibly powerful native Salesforce reporting tools, which enable users at all levels to create scheduled or ad-hoc reporting without the need for any specialist knowledge.  This offers many practical advantages over other proprietary solutions including:


With the move to mobile working across numerous locations, and the need to expedite formal contract arrangements to enable immediate starts for urgent placements, our e-signature capability allows all documents to be electronically confirmed in minutes, wherever the relevant parties may be based.  Key features include:

Video Interviews

On site interviews can be time-consuming and expensive for candidates and clients, and impractical for those roles where relocation may be required.  Furthermore, in this post-Covid era when more of us are working from home, a traditional interview may not be appropriate.

Video interviewing can be fully integrated within TargetRecruit offering the following advantages: