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Smart Candidate Search

With Smart Review, no need to jump between multiple screens or struggle with limited information. Our intuitive interface allows you to seamlessly navigate through candidate profiles, easily accessing all the necessary details, enabling you to make informed decisions efficiently. No more wasting time searching for critical information or missing out on valuable candidate insights, Smart Review ensures that you have all the relevant information at your fingertips. Quickly identify key qualifications and skills, making your candidate review process faster and more effective.

smart review for recruiters

Quickly gain valuable insights into:

smart review features

The Smart Review Advantage

With flexible display options for resumes, our solution enables you to choose between a custom-formatted view or a keyword-focused display. System admins can customize and configure the page layout giving you the freedom to design Smart Review according to your specific client needs and preferences.

  • Highlight important keywords for quick identification
  • Tailored viewing experience to match search preferences 
  • Optimize speed and efficiency in evaluating candidates
smart search

Key Benefits of Smart Review

With fully configurable features, seamlessly integrate Smart Review into your candidate search and create an easy user interface that aligns with your organization’s recruitment workflow. 

Seamless Navigation

Leverage an intuitive interface that enables seamless navigation through candidate profiles, allowing easy access to all the necessary candidate information and details

Informed Decision-Making

Enjoy a comprehensive view of each candidate’s record and resume based on complete and accurate information, ensuring the best fit for both clients and candidates

Flexible Resume Display

Tailor the display of resumes to your preference. Choose between a visually formatted view or a keyword-highlighted display that filters relevant qualifications and skills. This flexibility enhances your ability to quickly assess candidate suitability

Informed Decision-Making

System admins have the freedom to configure the page layout, allowing recruiters to customize Smart Review to match their unique needs and integrate seamlessly into existing workflows

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