Quarterly Release Q3 2019

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We have been doing incredible things at TargetRecruit this year. Let’s look at what’s new in the summer of 2019 (Q3 2019). This Q3 2019 release is aimed to increase the efficiency of recruiters and in turn, help staffing firms reduce time to hire. The release includes new product features like comparing multiple resumes, opportunity to jobs and more. There are many enhancements which make using TargetRecruit even simpler like custom sort, email opt out etc. You would also find new integrations and bug fixes in this release. Contact us to learn more.
Compare Multiple Resumes
Recruiters can now easily compare multiple resumes and select the right candidate in no time. Resumes of all applicants of a job can also be compared easily. Just click on Review Resumes and they can be previewed together to be approved or rejected by the recruiter.
Opportunity to Jobs
We have this really exciting feature for the sales teams of staffing firms. This new feature allows them to easily convert any opportunity to jobs. Staffing firms will be able to better manage and report on their opportunities with this new feature.
History Tracking
Recruiters can now view the historical information of resumes with this new field “Source” added to TargetRecruit and understand the exact source of a candidate application such Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn and so on.
Submit Candidates to Clients in a Click
This new feature allows recruiters to submit candidates from search results or profile to any client contact. So no more shuffling through open jobs to submit candidates to the client.
Custom Sort
Now recruiters will be able to define the sorting order of a candidate search. By default, any candidate search is sorted in the alphabetical order of candidate names. With this new feature, sorting order can be customized as per the requirement.
Mobile Responsive and Customizable Portals
With our new mobile responsive portals, all of the content will automatically adapt to a layout specifically optimized for the screen size, making them fully mobile friendly. Portals are now even more customizable as well. So, change colors, add logo’s and other branding elements to enhance the experience.
Import Social Profiles
When you import candidates or job applicants from a job boards search, their candidate profiles will now have their LinkedIn or Indeed URLs as well. This way you can access their complete information on LinkedIn or Indeed anytime.
Auto-Generate Approved Timecards
Every time a timecard is approved, it will auto-generate a PDF including time card records, approver name, approval date, etc. All the details related to receivables get auto-attached if an expense category is marked as billable.

Highlighting new features, enhancements and bug fixes

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