Recruiting Technology

Where to Invest Your Technology Dollars

By Andy Wigderson, President Technology may be one of the greatest growth accelerators for a staffing business. In today’s increasingly digital world, there are literally


Lessons Learned from Pandemic Pain

By Andy Wigderson on Staffing Stream As we look beyond pandemic pain and begin to see better days ahead, TargetRecruit President Andy Widgerson takes a

Recruiting Technology

How to Improve Business Insights

By Bobby Bartlett The Problem When I talk to staffing organizations, the most common pain I hear is that their technology stack is not able

HR Tech
Recruiting Technology

Getting Past the Bells & Whistles of HR Tech

By Andy Wigderson on Staffing Hub It wasn’t long ago that an ATS was revolutionary technology in the staffing industry. Now there are thousands of


Don’t Open that Closet!

If you’re like most people, there is at least one spot in your home that isn’t company-ready. It could be an overcrowded closet or a

staffing crm

5 Most Important Features of a Staffing CRM

For staffing firms, the 2 most valuable software tools have traditionally been an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. An


What is a Software Platform vs a Product?

  Blog by Bobby Bartlett I hear the word platform thrown around a lot today in our space. It seems that every software company, especially

recruiting dashboard software

A Perfect Recruiting Dashboard

A Recruiting Dashboard makes analyzing all of your staffing activities easy and crystal clear. Reports have their uses and can help you make informed decisions,

staffing processes

3 Staffing Processes You Must Automate Today

Effective leaders are always looking for ways to make their businesses leaner and more efficient, by improving productivity and profitability.  The main way to achieve

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