About Us

We come from the same background.

Founded in 2008 by a talented team of Staffing Executives and IT professionals, TargetRecruit started with a mission to create technological advancements in the staffing industry. The founder of TargetRecruit worked and lived this industry for years and was able to build an innovative, cloud-based system that is tailor-made to address the unique pain-points of the staffing and recruitment industry.

We offer a comprehensive applicant tracking system that is part of an ecosystem of integrated apps. Our solution provides your business operations just what they need to be efficient, nimble and profitable. Built on the Salesforce platform, TargetRecruit modernizes your recruiting cycle, from front office to back office.

  • 2008
    - Started as one of the first 5 apps, built on the Salesforce platform
  • 2013: Product Growth
    - First “middle” office solution built on SF
    - But no outbound sales strategy
  • 2018: Acquired by Mountview Partners
    - Investments into product development & human capital
    - Still owner operated
    - Shift to enterprise
  • 2019: New Avenues
    - European Office
    - Brought on customer success team
    - Grew new business revenue 4x
  • ….: Roadmap
    - New Geographies
    - Product Releases
    - Artificial Intelligence
    - Automation 2.0
    - Continuing to bolster human capital
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