Sourcing right talent has been a big challenge for recruiters, with changing business needs. Either it is cherry picking or mass staffing, recruitment process eats up time and most of the budget of HR department.

If you were able to relate to the above situation, then continue reading because we have a solution for you.

An applicant tracking system can help automate the hiring process, starting from collecting job applications, parsing and analyzing resumes, identifying top candidates, organizing the applicant review process.

By automating most of the repetitive and manual work, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) lets recruiters focus on hiring.

Key benefits of Applicant Tracking System (ATS):

Shorter Recruitment Cycles

Time is the key in getting the right talent on board, since candidates are not in the market for long. Recruiters struggle to close on a candidate quickly as they have to screen a large number of resumes, schedule interviews etc., which ends up delaying the decision making process. In an ATS, all these activities are automated, which leaves time for personal touch. An ATS will bring all the information of a potential employee in one platform and streamlines the process for more efficiency.

Applicant Experience management

Entire hiring process is usually one way and applicant experience is not considered. However, it plays a big role in quality hiring process. A positive hiring experience creates a positive brand image.  ATS allows candidates to create their profile and manage it on their own. They can quickly apply for positions, without filling multiple forms. Most of the ATS have mobile apps and candidates can easily apply on the go.  Automated communication ensures that the candidate is being informed and reached out regularly.

Automate administrative work

ATS gives recruiters an ability to automate all admin related task, set up workflows for the tasks lined up. Applications can be quickly organized; resume comparisons against experience, skills, talent can be really quick. Most importantly, it does all this objectively without bias.

Ensure Compliance

An ATS can get you more insights into the applications you have received. That way, it can help you find the talent you need to grow and also ensure that you keep up on organization’s compliance against federal and labor laws. For e.g. In Healthcare, credentialing is a norm. A candidate needs to provide a minimal certification level (as credentials) as a part of a job requirement. The law dictates that candidates need to meet the job mandated criteria which cannot be ignored by companies.


Once the candidate comes on board, ATS (Applicant Tracking System) manages the entire onboarding process like documentation, automated on-boarding etc. It can be integrated with the HR software and can keep track of performances as well. Hence, an ATS is throughout the life of an applicant and beyond.

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