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Fulfill Job Orders with TargetRecruit (Front Office)

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Welcome to Fulfill Job Orders with TargetRecruit!

This course acquaints you with the basic front office workflow of the TargetRecruit system using hands-on lessons to which you follow along using your own sandbox environment. This course is best experienced by having two browser windows open side-by-side, one for the course material and one for your TargetRecruit sandbox.

Although TargetRecruit contains some functionality that may not be included in this course and environments can differ because of options and settings, at the end of the lessons you will work with the major data objects in the system and accomplish all tasks leading up to and including the placement of a new hire.

Thanks for spending the time to ensure you get the most out of your TargetRecruit system.

Create an Account Add a Contact to the Account Add a Job Order to the Account Add Candidates Search & Apply Candidates to a Job Conduct Interviews Create & Assign Credentials Place New Employee & Assign A Project Final

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