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See What’s New in TargetRecruit: Q3 2019 Release

| By Andy Wigderson

We have been doing incredible things at TargetRecruit this year. Let’s look at what’s new in the summer of 2019 (Q3 2019). This product release is aimed to increase the efficiency of recruiters and in turn, help staffing firms reduce time to hire.

The release includes new product features like comparing multiple resumes, opportunity to jobs and more. There are many enhancements which make using TargetRecruit even simpler like custom sort, email opt out etc.

Compare Multiple Resumes


Now you can easily compare multiple resumes side by side. This new feature of TargetRecruit allows you to evaluate resumes with similar skillsets, at once. You can look at all applicants of a job and analyze them. Just click on “Review Resumes” and preview two to eight resumes in a single screen. Resumes can be approved, rejected or saved for later.

Opportunity to Jobs


The sales team will now be able to convert opportunities to new jobs. This cool new feature is built in such a way that users can create as many jobs as needed, from one sales opportunity. Just click on “Convert to Job ” option and a new job page appears. Efficiently manage and report on sales opportunities with this new feature.

History Tracking


Recruiters can now view the historical source of resumes that have been added to your TargetRecruit ATS. LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed understand the source of a candidate application and where it’s coming from so you know where to spend your sourcing dollars. Do not waste any more time in tracking the source of your applications.

Submit Candidates to Clients in a Click


Whether you are searching candidates or are looking at a candidate profile, you can submit a candidate to any open job of any client. With this submit candidate feature of the TargeRecruit ATS, you can quickly submit any candidate to multiple accounts wherever there are relevant open jobs. Submit a candidate profile to one or more clients in one view.


It’s not over yet. There are more enhancements and updates to TargetRecruit this quarter. Download our release notes document to learn more.

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