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Kanban Allows TargetRecruit Users to Fly Through Data

| By Andy Wigderson

kanban view targetrecruit

The Kanban view has become a fast favorite among Salesforce power users. Displayed in a card-based view for easy understanding, Kanban replaces clunky tables with one-page summaries of just about any TargetRecruit object you want to work with.

The Kanban view is another great feature of Lightning, the new user interface we are launching to make your software interactions faster, dynamic, and much easier to use. Lightning dramatically changes the way you sell and recruit by accelerating customer relationships with innovative features and powerful integrations.

Here’s why you’ll like Kanban:

1.) Tables don’t make sense to everybody. Kanban opens up TargetRecruit to a lot more users because the view is much more intuitive.

2.) Kanban is fast. Kanban is drag and drop. Now you can speed through your work and always be a step ahead of your customer.

3.) Nobody likes to toggle back and forth between pages and manually track changes. Kanban displays everything on one page so all of your changes stay in one view.

4.) Kanban removes bottlenecks. Because everything is right in front of you, Kanban helps untangle problems and simplify workflows.

Kanban is a new way of visualizing your data, allowing users to make multiple changes to data records at once. Kanban is a Japanese creation. Conceptually, Kanban aligns inventory levels with actual consumption, leaving no waste. Its origins are in just-in-time manufacturing (JIT) and its residue is found in today’s lean manufacturing, agile software development, and data management processes. Using Kanban, you’ll notice little wasted action and a lot more production.

TargetRecruit users can switch to the Kanban view for most objects in the object’s list view.

Kanban allows you to:

  • See leads organized by stage
  • See candidates organized by stage
  • View cases organized by status

But let’s get back to the drag and drop function. In the Kanban view, users can select records and quickly move them from one column to another, dynamically updating status and getting an instant update. Sounds like a minor cosmetic change…probably not going to change my life, huh? Not so fast. Kanban will dramatically change how you operate, allowing you to work as fast as you can think.

A drag and drop function that creates dynamic changes in my data? This is a powerful but subtle design change, allowing the Lightning interface to recede from focus by following a natural reading order. These are the kinds of design breakthroughs UX, data visualization, and even game designers are always trying to achieve. Designers want non-technical users to get lost in the data, not the interface. This abstract design concept is called flow, and you can really feel it when using the Kanban view.

Salesforce has designed a flow, not just a view. Kanban’s ease of use and accessibility increase adoption rates and allow users to get a lot more work done.

Check out what Kanban has to offer, and see what Salesforce power users are so excited about.

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