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5 Ways A Right ATS Can Help Increase Your Speed-To-Hire

| By Andy Wigderson

increase speed-to-hire with targetrecruit

Recruiting agencies cannot afford to move slowly in a candidate-driven market. Some of the organizations worry that hiring fast can lead to wrong decisions and low quality of candidates. However, with the right technology at hand, recruiters can hire quickly and efficiently, without compromising the hiring quality. Speed-to-hire is critical for recruiting firms because there is a chance of losing revenue if their top talent is placed elsewhere. Hence, recruiting firms need to be committed to speed and reducing time-to-fill.

Right now is a critical time for many sectors in recruiting , like healthcare and nurse recruiting, which are experiencing unprecedented demand. Some of the recruitment firms are making the most of advanced technology and winning an extra edge in the market, whereas others are just watching the game unfold traditionally.

The right Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) can up your game and help increase your speed-to-hire. Here’s how:

Editable Deal Sheets

Let’s start with the least talked about process within a recruiting firm but one that involves a lot of work and complex calculations. This in particular is most relevant for healthcare recruiting firms.

While closing a job, recruiters need to confirm rates for both candidates and clients, while also adhering to contractual rates and ensuring profitability for the firm. A good applicant tracking software usually has Deal Sheets templates and recruiters can easily perform these calculations to determine rates and margins. They can be configured for every client or job and recruiters can change burden types or rules for each one of them.

The best ATS will also have the ability to send Pay Packages, every time a job is created. Deal Sheets with Pay Packages help increase speed-to-market and make placements more profitable.

Click here to learn about TargetRecruit Deal Sheets with Pay Packages.

Faster Candidate Search

Finding the right candidates quickly is the key to lowering time-to-fill as you can quickly submit candidates to your clients against a job order and ahead of the competition. Some of the best ATS solutions have a Heatmap feature that can help you perform candidate searches and display the results graphically on a map, so the consultant can easily view location and travel options.  All the candidates can be viewed against a job or a skill on a map for faster selection. The candidates can even be color-coded using certain business rules, so for example the candidate which has certain qualifications or the required compliance can be seen as green and those less suitable as red.

Now what the recruiter has to do is to preview the candidate profile and approve or reject it, or mass mail the relevant candidates to determine their availability and interest.  A task that takes hours for a recruiter may take 20-30 min, obviously depending on the number of candidates you are reviewing. Achieving better speed-to-hire becomes easy with ATS solutions that support these features.

Easy Credentials Management

This is extremely important for healthcare and nursing recruiting agencies. They need to complete the credentialing process before they can submit the candidates to clients. Credentialing, if done the traditional way, can consume a lot of time and effort with no guarantees of an eventual placement. But with the right ATS, you can fully manage credentials in a digital environment. This means recruiters and candidates can do all the tasks online- faster access, easy submissions, and a secure way to store all the information.

Some ATS solutions also support ranking and scoring applicants to find the best fit for the job. An ATS that helps to streamline the credentialing process will greatly contribute to maximizing the speed-to-hire.

Automated Interviews

Some of the ATS solutions support automated interviewing, which differs drastically from the traditional interviewing. The first difference is that it is completely virtual. This will save a lot of time and effort and hence help achieve faster speed-to-hire, it is obviously also more appropriate in the post-Covid era. Scheduling such automated interviews is completely flexible and no traveling is involved. Many organizations are preferring automated interviews because it doesn’t just mean replacing traditional interviewing, but rather a digital overhaul of interviewing to help close positions faster.

Self Service Portals

In a world where we all expect to be able to access information on-demand, candidates and clients will expect to be able to view the status of their applications and vacancies at any time and from any device. Candidates will want to be able to register and apply for jobs from their portable devices, view the status of previous applications, and log time without having to contact a consultant. This also frees up admin time if candidates can register and update information themselves in real-time. Clients may want to submit vacancies, view shortlists, and approve time whenever and wherever they may be. Most ATS solutions support a suite of self-service portals and can help reduce time-to-fill.

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