TargetRecruit launches an extension of its Cloud Platform

TargetRecruit launches an extension of its Cloud Platform

TargetRecruit launches an extension of its Cloud Platform specifically for healthcare staffing

Global leader of the end-to-end, fully mobile, cloud-based staffing and recruitment platform offers a complete digital suite of healthcare staffing features.

TargetRecruit, the global leader of staffing and recruitment solutions on one end-to-end cloud platform, announced its latest product enhancement for healthcare staffing. TargetRecruit’s ecosystem of staffing applications extends beyond the general staffing functionalities to fully support and partner with healthcare staffing and recruiting firms. With nearly a decade leading the staffing and recruiting space, TargetRecruit recognizes today’s most challenging issues to staff healthcare professionals. To address these industry staffing challenges, TargetRecruit’s cloud platform offers a complete digital suite of healthcare staffing features; including automated skills matching and credentialing, contract management, billing, and shift scheduling.

“Recruitment and retention must remain top of mind in the healthcare market, and it is imperative that staffing agencies transition their current operations to one, fully digital platform,” said Reena Gupta, CEO and Founder of TargetRecruit. “Although we’ve partnered with leading healthcare staffing agencies for several years now, we’re pleased to publicly release our extended platform specializing in integrated and cloud to staffing healthcare professionals of all types.”

With a combination of recruiting and industry-specific backgrounds for nearly 20 years from TargetRecruit’s management team, the platform offers one solution to the most challenging aspects of the healthcare recruiting market with the following features:

Skills-based Search & Match Automation

The ability to quickly screen, hire, and onboard medical personnel can have a direct effect on patient care. As such, patient care must remain a top priority. Adapting to a cloud-based technology will automate this process, ultimately sourcing the necessary skills to provide premier care.

Credentialing & Assessment Scoring

When applying for healthcare jobs, applicants must maintain active licenses and certifications that must be verified prior to hire. By switching to a digital platform, agencies eliminate wasted time manually verifying hundreds of credentials and assessments, and can quickly move past this process confidently, in compliance and without delaying the placement.

Online Shift Scheduling

The healthcare scheduling process is predominantly manual. Recruiters call their entire candidate list to check shift availability, then make dozens of calls to hospitals to facilities to find needs. And back again to the candidates to provide and confirm their assignments. A single staffing and scheduling system, when used across the entire enterprise, can be a valuable tool for ensuring open shifts are filled quickly and efficiently.


Eliminate manual and paper processes entirely when working on contracts and placement in one system. With the increasing complexity of healthcare staffing contracts, healthcare accounts are typically divided up by location, and in each location are different contracts, business needs and processes. With one cloud-based system, recruiters can now manage every type of contract at anytime, from anywhere.

Billing & Back Office

Of the thousands of recruiters who manually input hours and tack various business processes, it’s critical to streamline this process entirely. Moving towards a digital platform will allow recruiters to bill the right division, with the right amount, accurately and timely.

TargetRecruit’s ecosystem enables staffing and recruiting employees to execute their core activities efficiently. The platform also allows key stakeholders to discover insights from a results-driven approach that integrates and impacts business operations, from marketing to accounting. You can learn more about TargetRecruit’s extended solution for healthcare staffing and recruiting by visiting

About TargetRecruit

Since its inception in 2008, TargetRecruit is the global leader of staffing and recruitment solutions, providing an end-to-end cloud platform that is completely mobile and fully integrated to partner with staffing and recruiting firms on nearly every continent. Built on the platform, TargetRecruit is the most highly recommended recruiting application on Salesforce’s marketplace, AppExchange, and provides real-time business metrics, flexibility, mobility and ease of customization. As a result, firms have the ability to make proactive, data-driven decisions in real time. The company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, with global centers in Los Angeles, California.; Silicon Valley, California.; Bangalore, India; and Minsk, Belarus.

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