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Our Enterprise Applicant Tracking Software provides all the tools to complete the entire recruiting lifecycle in the shortest possible time. Flexible and nimble, you can configure our ATS to match any of your recruiting workflows.

Search, Match and Place

Quickly source the right candidates through accurately searching your own database, external sources, job boards or by seamlessly posting to your fully integrated, fully branded candidate website.

Front Office Staffing Software

Job Board Search

We have embedded the world’s leading job board searching tool into our product, so recruiters will not have to leave our application, and searches are fully automated, saving time and money.

Job Board Search

Job Management

Time-to-fill is critical in staffing and managing jobs is easy in TargetRecruit. Jobs can be entered manually or cloned. You can also intake jobs through our integration with Vendor Management Systems (VMS).

Job Board Posting

To remain competitive, you need to get the details of new vacancies published to your own website and preferred job boards quickly. Using an embedded integration with Idibu, a next-gen candidate attraction tool, TargetRecruit users can post jobs instantly without leaving their main application.

Job Board Posting

Heat Maps

When trying to fill roles quickly but effectively it’s important to consider location in addition to the candidates’ skills and experience. Our Salesforce applicant tracking system’s Heat Map feature allows recruiters to view the location of candidates from a search result in map format, with additional color coding to show their suitability.

Salesforce applicant tracking system’s Heat Map feature

Candidate Presentations and Branding

The presentation of candidate submissions is a vital tool to help sell not just the candidate but also your brand and values. The layout of resumes varies, so it is invaluable to your busy clients to have the information they need laid out in a clear, consistent and concise format.

Candidate Presentations and Branding


Our applicant tracking system provides the tools to seamlessly and digitally gather qualifications, accreditations, and certifications both from the candidate and other relevant external sources, reducing the time and cost of your onboarding process.

Applicant Tracking System Software Credentialing


With the move to mobile working across numerous locations, and the need to expedite formal contract arrangements to enable immediate starts for urgent placements, our e-signature capability allows all documents to be electronically confirmed in minutes, wherever the relevant parties may be based.

ATS E-Signature capability

Flexible Workflows

While most applicant tracking systems have standard workflows to drive key elements of the vacancy to placement lifecycle, most agencies have their own unique take on these processes to stay competitive. This is where the uniquely configurable nature of the Salesforce and TargetRecruit platform excels.

ATS Flexible Workflows

Email Integration

Recruiters spend much of their day communicating with candidates and clients directly from their inboxes. This makes it all too is easy for vital information to get lost if users have to remember to manually tag sent or received emails. We offer a fully integrated solution to ensure email activity is tracked within the Applicant Tracking System.

Applicant Tracking System with Email Integration

Why TargetRecruit?

A True All In One Platform, TargetRecruit brings you all the benefits of a fully integrated, single source enterprise ATS solution.​

Native to Salesforce

Easy Automation

Simple Configuration

Highly Customizable

Powerful Integrations

Robust Reporting Capabilities

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