Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

Applicant Tracking Software

Our industry leading applicant tracking system for staffing and recruiting firms is fully customizable and part of an ecosystem of customizable apps to run every aspect of your business in the cloud. It’s a fully integrated solution to source, engage and place the right talent. Whether searching and sharing, collaborating or communicating, everyone who touches your applicant workflow will get an experience designed for simplicity and engineered for speed. And built on Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM, you’ll always get the latest and greatest in technology.

Staffing and Recruiting

Quickly source the right candidates. Enhance and optimize the interview experience for both candidates and clients. Track applicant status with speed and efficiency. We give you the tools to easily navigate your target audience right through the recruitment process.

Marketing and Sales

Create, organize, and automate marketing campaigns. With our ATS, you’ll always find and connect with your target audience – candidate or client. Showcase your sales and marketing talents using technology exclusively for the business of staffing and recruiting.

Hiring and Onboarding

Automation and personalization is expected in today’s hiring process. And onboarding is central to the candidate experience. So you need a system that can really do it all. Configure apps to support precise hiring and onboarding needs, and customize for the perfect fit. Here, technology is your ticket to success, and our ATS automates, personalizes, and delivers a memorable customer experience.

Billing and Accounting

No more manual effort and no more human error. We deliver streamlined back-end processes that free you up to spend more time doing what you do best. With software for timesheets, billing, payroll and accounting, there will be no more duplication, backtracking or rework. Just a lot more time with your customers and candidates.

Reporting and Analytics

Answer all of your business questions and generate powerful insights with state-of-the-art reports and dashboards. See your business like never before, on your way to making smarter decisions in much less time.

Mobile and Social

Using our mobile and social tools, candidates can apply to multiple jobs from wherever they are, and from any device. Notify candidates instantly and increase response rate while dramatically reducing the time it takes to source and hire. Without engaging and excelling with these channels, you will never capture or retain today’s digital user. Mobile and social is not the future. It’s the now. Get it here.

Candidate Presentation

Our tools for candidate presentation allow you to build attractive profiles, dramatically increasing your placement rate. We make it easy to arrange all documentation and customize documents to paint a picture of your candidate nobody else can.


Always have the best person for the job. We give you powerful tools for building candidate profiles that stand out in a crowd. Recruiters will feel in total control, selecting and arranging essentials like education, references, and employment history. Then adding even more information like credentials, background check, and skills checklist – all the ingredients for the perfect profile.


Customize your candidate by branding their presentation. Select a custom header, footer, and company logo and build a brand everyone will want to buy. Branding a candidate is a great way to showcase talent, streamline skills, and tell a better story. Branding is the best way to differentiate and get hired.


TargetRecruit is a single source for all of your credentialing needs, combining impressive speed with advanced security to help you gather, manage and share credentials like never before. Whether working with qualifications, references, or background checks, you’ll find everything when and where you need it. Simplify credential submission with online tests and questionnaires. Receive automated notifications. Search and match candidates based on compliance. You’ll even find checkpoints along the workflow to ensure you’re always hiring the right people.

Credentials Management

Fully manage credentials in a digital environment. Get fast access, easy submission and secure storage of critical information. Complete tasks online and capture everything in a modern database. Candidates, employees and vendors won’t believe how easy managing credentials can be.

Ranking and Scoring

Rank and score applicants quickly and identify the best fit for the job. No guesswork. No mistakes. Just good method and a little math, all quantified and computed by TargetRecruit. Users can set skills, experience and credential guidelines for each position and get instant results based on applicant responses.


Portals elevate credentialing to a whole new level, adding both self-service and high-security to the user experience. Candidates and vendors can submit applications and responses to questionnaires, and upload credentials and onboarding documents from anywhere. Together with DocuSign, our eSignature technology partner, all documentation can be signed, sealed, and delivered all in one place – all electronically.

Credential Verification

From talent management to background screening, we give you the tools to verify credentials in a flash. Enjoy fast turnaround times and pinpoint accuracy for background checks, drug testing, and employment and education verifications. Integrated with Universal Background Screening, now you can shorten the hiring cycle, stay in compliance, and reduce the risk and uncertainty of adding new hires.

Summary Report

Summarize questions and answers for each candidate in one report. Create a PDF summary report and view it later. This way, you’ll never miss a thing.


Create beautiful dashboards that produce powerful insights. Fully customizable and ready to share, our analytics solution brings your data to life and instantly makes your business more intelligent. Quickly connect to your data sources, easily clean and prep, and start finding patterns and opportunities the human eye would miss.

Customizable Dashboards

Build customizable dashboards and see your business in a brand new way. No matter the user role or access, customize your dashboard to fit any business need. Split one report into multiple dashboard elements for different views of the same business question. Pull multiple reports into one dashboard and generate themes for recruiting or sales performance. Your opportunities to create and customize are endless.


A revolutionary way of viewing and updating records dynamically, Kanban allows you to see all of your records at once, on one page. Kanban gives you a card-based view and drop and drag functionality. Together, allowing you to make faster sense of your data and faster moves for your business.

Data-Driven Decisions

Ask and answer questions as fast as you can think. Spot trends, identify opportunities and extend your insights with ease. TargetRecruit business analytics harness the power of your data, putting you in position to make a quick analysis and take instant action. Start making data-driven decisions today.


Sign agreements in an instant, from anywhere. Together with DocuSign, our eSignature technology partner, contracts and other critical documents now become part of a blazing-fast workflow designed to elevate security, accelerate production, and take your business performance to new heights.

All-Digital Workflow

TargetRecruit’s eSignature feature completely changes the recruitment process by automating agreements and eliminating paper, reducing turnaround time from days to minutes. Onboarding and enrollment will be much easier and way more efficient. Employees will be happy because paperwork will no longer be hard work. DocuSign’s eSignature is a complete transformation from slow, manual processes into a super smooth digital workflow designed to get to “yes” in a flash.

Faster, Safer Forms

With eSignature, candidates can complete forms in seconds. And forms not completed can be easily identified. You’ll have peace of mind even with your most sensitive documents because we back everything up on our secure Salesforce platform. Working in an all-digital environment, your forms will move faster and and your business will always be backed up.

Job Boards Search

Whether you are posting a job or sourcing a profile, we give you the speed and stealth you need to achieve your goal. This means more engagement, longer reach, full optimization, and total control when working with any job board. Get more from your job board searches.

Search Job Boards

Search multiple job boards and find the needle in a haystack. Job boards like Monster, Dice, Indeed, and CareerBuilder offer a wealth of candidates and intelligence. We give you the tools to filter them by location, education, industry, and other key fields. Now you can search and find what you want in record time.

Customize Search

Perform a full custom search of all candidates. We enable you to cast a much wider net and capture the information you really need. Save your searches and get the most up-to-date information. With customized searches, you will be smarter, more agile, and always two steps ahead of the technology, and the competition.


Turn insight into action and start making brilliant business decisions. Designed for everyday users, TargetRecruit’s reporting solution allows you to create beautiful reports in minutes. Unify your data sources, clean and prep, and then drive ad hoc analysis. Always get the ground truth, and the freshest updates. Get instant answers to your questions and easily share what you find.

Deliver Insights

From sales to HR, reporting helps rev the engine of your business intelligence strategy. Reporting helps you see and understand your data to help support decision-making. We help you author those reports, giving you the power to filter, group, and transform your data any way you want it. Dig deep and discover patterns and opportunities hidden in the data. Roll your intelligence into stunning dashboards and start telling your data story.

Storage, Security, Speed

Store your reports in folders and always be organized. Mark folders public, private or shared and dial transparency up or down based on business needs. With TargetRecruit’s reporting solution, you can also define access by roles, permissions, public groups and license types so you have total control over your most sensitive data. Even better, you’ll have pre-built reports at your fingertips so you can design, build, and publish reports with speed and efficiency. Gaining insight is now so easy.


We understand your business challenges and have crafted workflows to meet your specific needs. TargetRecruit includes many built-in rules that simplify processes and secure data. But sometimes you need to flex and adapt your workflow to address a particular problem. We’ve got you covered. So alert, assign, update, and message – all from your fingertips. And configure workflows to meet your exact specs – all on demand.


Increase productivity, eliminate errors, and fully automate the workforce management process. We make it easy to transform complex processes into powerful workflows, all through the power of automation. This way you can laser focus on people, revenue and retention.

Create Email Alerts

Send emails automatically when a specific event occurs. So when a job is assigned to a recruiter, instantly send an email alert. Turn email into an advantage.

Assign Tasks

Create tasks at a role-based level. Let’s say you need an account manager to review a job applicant created by a recruiter. With TargetRecruit, you can assign this task automatically. We make it easy to drill down to the right person at the right time.

Update Data

Always get the freshest updates – timely information that matters. Now you’ll know the instant a candidate is available. Now you’ll be on top of critical events as they happen.

Outbound Messages

Send secure messages to target sources. With a secure and configurable API message, you can send job creation details to a job publishing website. And much more. It’s time to own the moments that matter. Expand your reach and keep the information flowing with outbound messages that hit their target. beylikdüzü escort şirinevler escort ataköy escort bahçelievler escort bahçeşehir escort beylikdüzü escort