high growth sectors in staffing industry2017 was melange of varied events that have the potential to change the game of many sectors. Unexpected Brexit , new policies by Donald Trump, GDPR compliance regulation were some of the events that impacted businesses globally. Staffing industry is not barred from all this, but yet there are sectors which stand as stealth and are expected to show promising growth this year.

Here are the top sectors in the staffing industry for this year


By 2025, 1/4th of the US workforces will be older than 55 and that share will double in 30 years. This means, there will be increased demand of Healthcare professionals. Secondly, US spends billions of dollars each year on Medicare, Medicaid and healthcare benefits. This support systems make health-care employment an invincible during the downturns as well.

Some of the top jobs within healthcare include Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Orthodontist, Statistician, Pediatrician, Obstetrician and Gynecologist.

IT and Technology

It is estimated that the global IT temporary staffing market at $59 billion in 2018 and US will be the largest market for IT staffing. For years together, we have been evolving with greatest inventions on this planet and thanks to technology. Private institutions like spaceX have been planning to commute all the way to a different planet,devices are getting intelligent day by day so the need of skilled resources in technology would grow in the years to come

Recruitment agencies predict that the top ten areas where professionals may be hired for 2018 are AR Development skills, Data Scientists, Cyber Security Experts, Mobile App Developers, SaaS in the Cloud Professionals, Applied Machine Learning, Multi-faceted Programming languages (Python, JavaScript), Data Analytics, Digital Transformation and AI Experts.


Engineering sector will eventually boom because it supplements the growth of technology. A lot of projects in engineering will come up that will give rise to the growth in recruitment of skilled and unskilled human resources. The demand is expected to remain strong for engineering talent in industries like manufacturing, automotive etc. Top jobs in the engineering space are Aerospace engineer, Engineering manager, Materials engineer, Petroleum drilling engineer, Chemical engineer, Nuclear engineer.


There are other sectors like manufacturing, retail which always show strong growth when it comes to staffing and talent needs. Whether your staffing business is US based or has global operations, you will need a carefully planned strategy to make the most of these emerging jobs and create a talent pipeline based on market needs. You need to keep a close eye on emerging trends in staffing.

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