Web-based or Online recruiting software has become an industry standard and is marketed most often as SaaS (Software as a Service). It allows businesses of nearly any size to be as flexible and cast as wide a net as any of the larger staffing operations.

What are the advantages when using a web based recruitment software?

1. Cloud technology affords a flexibility previously unavailable. Any device at any time is able to access HR and recruitment information without additional software installation. With access to all relevant hiring data in one place, accessed from one interface, it’s easier to see the bigger picture; specific needs can be more easily addressed and the bigger picture with talent coordination can be seen.

2. A Simple implementation process is characteristic of online recruiting systems. Software as a service means that there’s no need for installation in each individual system. To update the system everywhere, it needs only to be updated in one place. This is less expensive and less time-consuming than previous HR solutions.

3. Find more candidates working with online recruitment software with easier, more accurate search technology. There are myriad sources of candidate information. Cloud HR software allows reporting, measuring and tracking of passive and active talent. With cloud-based search procedures, finding the right hire is easier than ever; with increasingly relevant search results the position can be filled in less time and at a lower cost.

4. Integration isn’t limited to the typical recruitment and HR databases. Harness the potential of social media, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Quite often the talent you need doesn’t show up in the typical places; with web based staffing software you can be certain you’re looking everywhere.

5. Use this software in conjunction with your preferred communication and scheduling interface to boost efficiency and streamline your operations. Together with Google Calendar and Outlook, you’ll find the interview scheduling process much more simple and easy to maintain. Never lose track of a candidate’s position in the application and new-hire process again.

6. Not only is this software great on your end, it offers a high degree of functionality and ease of use for the applicant. The application process is an important aspect of your organization’s image and should not be ignored alongside other traditional marketing concerns. It gives an early impression of how the company operates and what type of person they hope to attract. Naturally, then, the organization’s best face should show. Online recruiting systems allow a hassle-free application environment, specialized according to the nature of the organization and customizable for each open position. The applicant portal also allows easy transition into the new-hire training and orientation processes.

7. Cloud technology is scalable and customizable. There are a plethora of widgets and features accommodated for web based recruitment software . It’s a continuously innovative solution with serious potential to cut the hiring budget of businesses of all sizes, truly a technology trend that can’t be ignored. So keep your head (and your HR department) in the clouds!

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