Online Applicant Tracking Systems or Online ATS, are not only the backbone of large recruiting firms, but they can also become an intuitive and smart tool reducing the recruiting system manifolds. Large-scale recruiting firms are already yielding the widely known benefits of applicant tracking system (ATS) and have been handling a huge influx of applicants, monitoring recruiters’ interaction with candidates, and maintaining a magnificent and robust pool of qualified candidates.

Is it for Small Recruiting Agencies

In addition to large recruiting firms, an online applicant tracking software can also become the lifeline for small staffing needs.

Still, recruiting start-ups and smaller companies are reluctant about adopting an ATS.  A small investment can provide their business a new lease of life! ROI, usability and customization are the major areas of concerns while considering an applicant tracking system for your staffing agency.

For a small to medium recruiting agency, Let’s see how selecting right ATS is important and how it can benefit them?

Increases Productivity and Proficiency

In smaller staffing firm, manpower is limited, and proficient functioning in scarce resources is of utmost essence. This target can be achieved by deploying right ATS with features like resume parsing, automated email integration, integration with third party systems, and task generation. By having a fully-automated applicant tracking system and warding off time-consuming data entry practice, recruiters can spend less time on data entry and more on actually filling open positions.

Catapults Candidate Experience

It adds value and enhances the overall experience of the potential candidates. The right and smart applicant tracking systems offer a user-friendly platform and appealing UI for both the recruiter and the candidate. Friendly UI eliminates obstacles between you and your candidates and add to the overall reputation of your employment brand.

Offers Competitive Edge

Do you know the unique core differentiators between successful recruiting firms and those that failed?  The successful and profitable recruiter retains a rich pool of qualified candidates ready to fill the employment gap immediately. This is done by right applicant tracking system that goes beyond just tracking an applicant via the hiring process and allowing a recruiter to build relationships with qualified candidates to strengthen the bonding. Faster and easier communications is the key that a potential candidate receives from you first.

Highly Scalable

The right ATS is developed keeping the future in mind.  When zeroing into the right applicant tracking system, you should not only ensure that the system works for you today, but you should also ensure that it’s flexible enough to cater to the unforeseen necessities that can arise in the future. Seamless integration and customization offer a built-in insurance that it adapts to your growing need and grows with the successes you experience.


Tracking the right applicant tracking system to substantiate your staffing needs and help it grow can often be cumbersome, but we can help you through the process.

TargetRecruit has a long experience of working with Staffing and Recruiting firms and can customize the right ATS befitting your needs. We offer intuitive, next-generation applicant tracking system for staffing agencies that are straightforward and easy to use.

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