Hope you found our series on Credentialing informative and useful. Being an important aspect of Healthcare recruitment, it requires an indepth understanding and ways in which, this often cumbersome task, can be made less stressful and easy to manage with almost error free execution. We also spoke about how companies traditionally managed this task and touched upon various technologies in use. We stressed on the importance of Compliance, which is absolutely critical to the Credentialing process. A quick look at TargetRecruit’s features would’ve helped you gain some ground on what technology is capable of achieving for you and your customers.

Credentialing often emerges as one of the key challenges, when recruiting top talent in healthcare. Contracting a professional Credential Verification Organization ( CVO) can be an expensive affair. Customizable applications are no doubt a much better and more affordable option to help conduct a Primary Source Verification (PSV) of a candidate’s professional credentials. Whilst this process was formerly done in-house by committees and credentialing divisions, a trend, fast gaining popularity, is towards using ‘cloud’ apps for cloud-based Credentialing and related skills-based search and match functions. This was made possible, thanks to more sophisticated software and technologies that can tailor the type of CVO services to the field or specialty.

Selecting the best software for healthcare credential management as well as the initial matchup is critical. We would say, not only for legal reasons but also for approval with an organization’s payer(s) as well as passing annual payer audits. Cloud-based credentialing in healthcare technology saves organizations money thanks to secure hosting technology that removes the need for purchasing, installing and maintaining or upgrading expensive encryption software and servers.

Why use a cloud-based platform?

Cloud-based credentialing applications can save hundreds of thousands of dollars for organizations and practices that utilize it. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), Meaningful Use (MU), ICD-10 implementation and the much-debated Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are turning the former fee-for-service reimbursement models into quality-based care and clinical outcome reimbursement. All of these developments point toward a need for faster, more efficient management of data as well as sharing between recruiters, clients /providers and other healthcare organizations. More healthcare providers, hospitals and organizations involved in verifying professional credentials have turned to cloud platforms for meeting the increasing demand for electronic health records (EHR) that accelerated under the Affordable Care Act. In addition, managing the resulting huge volumes of data while integrating overall operations means that in-house as well as outside, IT firms are finding it profitable to partner with clinicians and others to create more efficient ways to do business. Cloud-based platforms are ideal for managing the surge of data that could overwhelm older data storage and transmittal technologies and what’s more the ease of access makes it akin to a mobile office data system which can be plugged into,  anytime anyplace. There are numerous advantages of cloud-based apps for healthcare credential management.

The important ones are :

1.     Cloud platforms offer improved accuracy of Credential tracking as well as confirmation of educational and other credential updates as required.

2.     Reduced credentialing paperwork for the organization’s back office as well as elimination of faxes, forms and excess call center staff by replacing convoluted verification processes with centralized information clearing houses, such as the National Practitioner Data Bank.

3.   Easier sharing of physician data will improve matching patients with the best providers and treatments, sharply preventing care-related problems and complications for patients.

Cloud-based Credentialing is increasingly recognized as being an integral part of revenue management. If a newly-hired provider is not properly enrolled due to flawed Credentialing then insurer payments will suffer as well. For us at TargetRecruit, its been our focus is to help recruiters streamline the process while improving accuracy, ensuring faster enrollment and payment while eliminating wasted time and money verifying unqualified candidates.

If the merits of adopting cloud platform are all too clear, we wanted to briefly showcase how TargetRecruit’s suite of cloud based applications address all the above issues. So watch this space as we wrap up this series on Credentialing with a spotlight on how TargetRecruit features provide the perfect fit for all workforce management requirements.

Stay Tuned !

About TargetRecruit: With a globally-connected presence, TargetRecruit’s creative and innovative solutions have helped healthcare companies like AMN & Medpro manage their recruiting, staffing and sales operations. Targetrecruit featured on the INC 5000 2016  list of the most successful and fastest growing businesses in America. In October 2016, Gartner listed TargetRecruit in their Market Guide For Service Procurement Solutions.